Do you have an ancestor Captain Corsair? 
Below you will be able to check it by questioning a data base.

Sailor in the Sixties, 
I was far from doubting to me that my research in genealogy, per hour of the retirement, would make me discover Corsairs ancestors.

Want you to know some more about the handling
guns at the time of the Corsairs

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Examination carried out by
 Jean Jacques SALEIN


- 6200  Captains Referred Corsairs

- 6300 Ships

- 1450 Ship-owners


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  In homage to all the Corsairs and sailors died in English and the disasters let us hulks ancestors of the concentration camps.

My large uncle Jean Baptiste Pierre SALIN died in the English prison of Norman Cross on February 18, 1806.
He was only simple fisherman captured by the English near broad of Honfleur the day before of the declaration of war in 1804!

The provided information is brief, if you wish some more, contact me.

So on the other hand you hold interesting documents on the war of  Race and the Corsairs, I am taking and thank you in advance.


Lougre, boat more used by the Corsairs during the Revolution and Empire

   My SALIN Laurent ancestor was only a one modest Master gunner on Lougre LE DRAGON 
Captain LIARD
He died at sea with broad of the coasts of Norway the 18septembre 1799



If you want more infos on 
war of race in the Indian Ocean
and  the corsair François Hodoul:


An English officer who told him that the French Corsairs fought for the money and the English for the honor, Robert Surcouf answered him:

"One always fights for what we miss more"


What the "Royal one" did not make a success of, the Corsairs did it: to defy and put at knees the English navy, under the royalty as under the Republic and the Empire.
The cause of our inferiority was not with our ships which were more powerful than those of the English, but because of the many officers of value  left to the enemy: because of the Revolution and Revocation of the Edict of Nantes  under Louis XIV under Napoleon. 

Corsairs(privateers), pirates, flibustiers, buccaneers  who are?

 Corsair : Captain having a letter of mark delivered by his
government for the attack and the catch of the enemy ships. Catches
           were to be given to the authorities of its country for judgement in order to know if it
                              acted of a "good catch" (enemy or collaborating with the enemy) 
and then
to distribute the fruit of the sale of the ship and 
of its cargo. 
The name of Corsair also indicated 
the ship armed for the race. 
The Corsair raised the flag of his country in particular

before the first blow of gun signal of an attack.
Without letter of up to date mark, the Corsair was regarded as
pirate and could be hung high and short.

Flibustiers (Freebotters) : Captain having a letter of mark only in
geographical sector of the Caribbean, it should thus be attacked only with
enemies of its country but contrary with the Corsairs the catches are for
he and to separate with its crew or other flibustiers having taken part
with the combat. Moreover, once is not habit,  the English and French
with this époque(17ème) hand in the hand were known with the Spaniards.

 Pirates : Attack all that is good to take, friends or enemies it are
gangsters of the sea.

Buccaneers : the buccaneers were not
sailors. In fact hunters, on the islands of the Caribbean drove out it
game made it smoke, whose name of buccaneer and sold it with
flibustiers, pirates or corsairs.


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